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More money for web publishers? »

Google is adding new features to its Adsense program.

The new feature, named “Ad Placements,” allows Web site publishers to charge more for premium space on their Web page, such at the top of the page. It also gives advertisers more control over where they want their ads to appear.

The company recently added the ability for Web publishers to specify topics and keywords for their content and pages so that advertisers could target their ads even more.

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PR update here,PR export there ,Google pagerank is everywhere »

PR update here
PR export there
Google pagerank is everywhere.


Lots of so called experts are arguing over the term to use for the recent google pagerank toolbar update.
We all need to imagine we master something,don’t we?
When i was a student,i used to imagine I was Bill Gates,but after being in the red several times,my banker would slap me into my senses.
I am pretty much happy to see that recent toolbar update got few “experts” back to their senses.
Most of them came to the conclusion that the google pagerank remains a mystery even to google itself.
The argumet over which term to use is childish because when you have a website ,all you need when it comes to pagerank is what the toolbar is telling you.
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Higher PR in few basic steps »

Higher PR in few basic steps

Google pagerank,is an important part of the internet biz.

Here are few basic steps that can help you get a higher PR.

* Link exchange

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10 Google Adsense DO’s and DON’T’s. »

10 Google Adsense DO’s and DON’T’s.


1-Don’t display other contextual ads ,such as clicksor and yahoo on the same page as Adsense.
Chitika is tolerated.

2-Don’t ask your visitors to click on the ads,it’s against Google TOS.

3-Don’t label your ads with anything else,other than “sponsored links” or “advertisements”.

4-Don’t put your ads on a domain parking websites, pop-ups, pop-unders, or in any email.
It seems that google does tolerate one pop up per session,but if you are not feeling it email them or just don’t do it.
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Alexa rank quick definition »

Another important factor in the life of a website is the alexa rank.

The Alexa Traffic Rank reflects the number of visitors to a Web site, as well as the number of pages on the site viewed by those visitors based on three months of aggregated traffic data from users of the Alexa Toolbar.

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What google PR is all about and why it’s important.? »

My first post will be on Google’s famous pagerank.

What is google pagerank is all about?

Google’s assessment of a Web page’s overall importance is reflected in the so-called PageRank, which ranks the page on a scale of 0-10. The higher the number, the more important Google considers the page. High-quality links to your page are the important elements in Google’s PageRank calculations.

Why is PageRank important?

While it is argued that PageRank is no longer as important as it once was, it still plays an important part of Google’s algorithm that determines where in the search engine results a certain page is displayed for a given query.

A high PR page will usually rank higher in Google’s search results, and better results means more organic traffic to your website.

You can increase your PageRank by increasing the number of links to your website. Quality links from quality websites with high PR and the same theme as yours influence PageRank the most.